About Up-Tube.com

What is life? You can’t tell at once. It includes adventure, travel, communication, entertainment, self-development, recreation. In general, we all have different lives. But events are the things that unite us.

Up-Tube is a place where you can share your experiences, tell something sapid, that fascinates you, as well as find for yourself a lot of new and useful pieces of info. You have no limits here. Moreover, we constantly improve our site, develop content, expand information resources, improve the technological component of our site. All this constantly is done for maximum comfort and inspiration for both video-makers and viewers.

You have a real opportunity to observe all areas of activity that you are interested in without leaving your home, be it politics, sports, movies, gaming, fashion, etc. This is a resource where you can easily follow events, share, discuss, but at the same time to become a part of them. Isn’t it cool?

An average of about 300 million people use Up-Tube and about 3.5 billion videos are viewed monthly on our website.