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Music is one of the most rawest, honest and closest representation of Human emotions there is. Therefore being open-minded is essential when it comes to listening to different genres just like it is in life. With different emotions or moods comes different styles and types of music. This Channel is partly about that. Sharing the songs, bands that I love so maybe some of you can discover something new and change or direct the way you been viewing and feeling music thus far. Other than that I make Vlogs of specific events or moments in my life. Sometimes even something as simple as going Grocery Shopping. I really like cinematography, shooting and editing videos so that people stay excited and entertained the whole video through. So that something as simple as Riding a bike for the first time in years could be turned into something cinematic and fun to watch. I recently started doing Food and Drink reviews too. I basically experiment with different content thus far. Subscribe now.


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