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Welcome to the official YouTube page of the Bundesliga! Check out our schedule below (CET) to see what kind of content we'll bring to you every week - not only highlights from all of your favourite Bundesliga teams and players, but exclusive clips and footage that can't be found anywhere else -- interviews, behind the scenes, inside looks at the Bundesliga cathedrals, special events, top goal compilations and more! Monday - Off the Pitch Tuesday - Your Wishes Wednesday - Best of Current Matchday // Top 5 Goals Thursday - History// FIFA17 Prediction Friday - Top Compilations Saturday - Inside Bundesliga Sunday - Top Compilations ► Take part and win a jersey: http://www.bundesliga.com/en/special/fan-survey-yt ► Subscribe Now: http://bndsl.ga/sub ► Watch the Bundesliga in your country: http://bndsl.ga/watchBL


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