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Kids Toy Corner is fun kids friendly toy playing and toy review channel. We created it for children all ages, but babies, toddlers, pre-school children benefit from watching it. In each video Lilly gets surprise toy or halloween costume. We love dress ups, toy and animal toys especially lions and dinosaurs. You can also see here; runway costumes, blind bags, surprise eggs, Schleich Animals, Disney Princesses, MagiClip dolls. Lilly is right now 6 years old, in almost every video we are trying to teach Lilly something through play. My favorite subject to learn through play are animals and wildlife. I love nature and animals and I would like to teach my daughter to love animals too. We are playing with Schleich, Safari, ZOO, animal figurines (figures). Children can learn watching our videos colors, learn to count, learn shapes, learn to cleanup, and being polite. We also feature toys from popular Kids movies like Frozen, Descendants, Lion King, Lion Guard and Peppa Pig.


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