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I like making jokes on the spot. Business e-mail: eggsraccoon@gmail.com « Links » -› Follow me on Twitter for video updates and shower thoughts: https://twitter.com/RaccoonEggs -› Follow my Twitch for a livestream every few blue moons: https://twitch.tv/RaccLive -› Join my Discord for a second chance at social acceptance: http://discord.gg/Cu9WqcJ « FAQ » -› How old are you? ‹- 18 -› What mic do you use? ‹- Shure SM58 -› Why the name "RaccoonEggs"? ‹- I had a long running inside joke with a group of friends that raccoons laid eggs, which I decided to name my channel after. -› What's the best way to get to know you? ‹- I join public channels in my Discord server all the time. If you want to talk, just join my channel and say hello. -› Can you pin my comment? ‹- I'm about to go eat lunch so I'll fill in an answer for this one later.


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