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Hi Welcome to my YouTube channel. My name is Tom aka TDK and I'm a certified ISIA affiliated ski instructor, race coach and masters racer. I have been skiing all my life and snow days a year on average 50 - 100. Here you will find skiing videos with technique tips and instructions for both ski racing and recreational alpine skiing of all levels. I will do my best to bring ski instruction to ski racing and vice versa. My strength is I've done/do both. I think all skiers benefit from ski instruction and race coaching. Also, all skiers benefit from all kind of skiing. Scared of the bumps, don't be. Its easier than you think. Enjoy my videos and press the like button if you think it was worth while watching. Also leave comments and requests if you feel like it. Note, for safety reasons I don't ski much off-pist and if you do, be very careful. Best regards, Tom


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