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OLD CHANNEL DESCRIPTION: Hello! On this channel you'll find mostly CPMV's, but also some high quality CP secrets/cheats! I don't play CP that much anymore; I usually just quickly go on when there's an update but I really just don't play it as much as I used to. About me: My real name is Kian and my former account on CP was Clumpypoo/Clumpy1 but has been banned forever. My new account is Clumpyy. I've been playing CP for more than 8 years! Started in Feb 2007 :) I'm also a member of the CPMV group, W.A.P. Oh yea, and I'm 15 if you were wondering. Thanks a lot for 500+ subscribers and 60000+ video views! :D ------- I don't play Club Penguin anymore. I used to make videos about it on this channel but I lost interest. It was a childhood thing that I've been playing for almost half my life, I have tons of great memories and will never forget it though :)


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