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* WELCOME TO 2011 * "If we all made one person smile today hatred would fail to exist." Name- Anna aka; Sandy Day Hubby-Ronnie Daughter-Mandy Goal- Change the planet one pixel at a time. Rule- Don't Take Me Too Serious. Addiction- Bananas with Peanut-butter Quote- Work and Play don't mix. Producer of the KavernKitty opening intro. Employment- One of the mystery people controlling broadcast media ------ -------------- ------------ ----------- Actual Testimonial From: SaraVids omg, you are officially my favorite person in the world. Ive ALWAYS wanted to know how to do that! GAH! Eternal huggles sent your way! (Another Satisfied Customer) OH Yes-Yes-Yes Post a Message,Comment,Question OR Hate mail in the space provided. NOTE- 5% charge for returned messages Programs: Movie Maker,VideoStudio LOVE, Sandy Gwyneth Polypodiaceae Anna Diaz Nephrolepis Day


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