Papa Jake

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Im Papa Jake & I post 1 video every day I make Funny Challenge Videos, Boxfort Challenge Videos, Nerf Mod videos, Fidget Spinner videos, Funny Mod style videos , Vlog & DIY Style videos, Nerf Gun/ Toy review videos, Funny Box fort Videos, Most Expensive Box fort videos. Funny videos is what Papa Jake is here to make, so if you like your mod videos, challenge videos, or any other viral Vlog style videos make sure to subscribe to the 1 funny Challenge channel in the world that always needs some milk! Enjoy the next funny video I make and Suggest challenge video ideas, box fort video ideas, VLOG video ideas to my Fan email listed below. Stay tuned for my challenge me video series where you decide the challenges! All emails sent to the wrong place wont be answered Business ONLY Email business@teamepiphany.ca Im part of the Spartan Elite TEAM check there website out https://spartanelitead.com


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