Chris Schulz

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Welcome to my channel. My name is Chris. This channel features both time-lapse and non time-lapsed dashcam videos. While not the only videos I do, the majority of my work is dedicated to the Interstate Highway System. My goal is to drive on as much of the system as possible, all while bringing my viewers along for the ride. Videos were filmed at 720p HD from 2011-2014. They are now filmed in 1080p HD. Please let me know what you do and don't like so I can know what I need to do with my work. I also am open to requests of towns or areas to film. If you would like to see your area filmed, please contact me and it will be considered as time permits. I do thank you for visiting my channel. Please subscribe. I hope you enjoy my videos and I look forward to the future as I film more of the US Interstate System.


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