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Promoting the Caribbean Real Estate Industry & Vibrant Caribbean Culture, Plus Providing a Platform that makes Home-ownership Affordable for All! They are Over 40 Beautiful Islands throughout the Caribbean, that have unique individuals qualities that sets them apart from each other. My goal is to allow you to experience the Islands they way I have, mostly through Beautiful real estate and our Vibrant culture. * I am Currently In Guyana, South America Developing a 1000+ HOMES Community called AVALON, which is part of a larger Project dubbed #Project5000. We're on a mission to change the titles of 5000+ Tenants to Home Owners, on or before 2020! We intend to scale this project Across the Entire Caribbean Region targeting especially the Island that were Devastated by the various Hurricanes. My intent is to show you the real deal, without photo-shopping or editing footage to paint a very different picture than what usually exists. See you soon in an Island Near you :)*


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