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Did you know that You Tube will only let you make 5 posts on your, ''feed,'' at a time? Anyways, I had like half a million Google+ views on the day that You Tube removed the option to share your You Tube comments with Google+. Since You Tube comments are the only thing that I ever really shared on that platform, I guess I'll manually be sharing my You Tube comments with, "My Feed," until further notice. If you'd like to keep tabs on all of the sketchiest comments I've been makin' in the comments section, for some reason, I guess that's almost normal, somehow, so here's a link to, "My Feed." It's: https://www.youtube.com/StephenAndrew777/feed In other words, I will manipulate you into informing yourselves without asking for your consent first, but only if you suck. I've got shit all figured out, it's scientific.


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