Boost And Redline

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Hello World, I am currently doing Youtube videos as a hobby out of the passion I have for cars and being such a huge car fanatic! I make automotive videos, reviews, vlogs about life, and much more !! Muscle, domestic, import, you name it - I will film it !! #BoostAndRedline I am also so very excited to share with you m My First Truck: 2002 GMC Sierra 2500 HD Duramax Diesel!!!! I am I exploring a whole different automotive world that was I am not necessarily familiar with. I have always had performance coupes and sedans, but a diesel truck is a whole new ball game, and I am actually quite excited to share this adventure with you. So hope along and join me for the many more videos to come on how my truck becomes a truck and how we will get there together making it happen. Thank you much for subscribing to my channel !!! As always please make sure to like my videos, comment and subscribe as it makes a huge difference for me being able to bring this content to you. The quest begins now!!!


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