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BITY Mold Supply. "What is BITY", you ask? BITY stands for "Brick in the yard". Brick In The Yard is a name that harkens back to 1995. A brilliant flash of light, a night in the burn intensive care unit, reconstructive hand surgery, and the "Brick In The Yard" name was born. Space is limited here so go to our web page to get the full "Brick in the yard" story. BITY is now a supplier of fine Urethanes and Silicones. To order supplies or DVDs click here: www.brickintheyard.com BITY caters to the FX community, mold makers, and other short run production folk. BITY is all about information. I designed this channel to be a resource library of sorts for those late nights when you have a crazy casting problem that needs an answer. To purchase the products in the videos go to www.brickintheyard.com http://www.facebook.com/BITYMoldSupply?ref=tn_tnmn


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