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Thank you for taking a look at my channel. I decided to start doing videos back in January of 2016 as a way for potential RVer's to check out RV's before they go and see them on an RV Dealers lot. Hope you enjoy! Let's enjoy this ride together... I started in the RV Industry back in August of 2001, although I don't know everything about RV's I do know enough to be dangerous! I was Honorably Discharged from the Air Force in March of 1989. As an aircraft maintenance instructor, I learned how to effectively teach people how to do things and have used those talents to develop an extensive RV Maintenance Book that was Exclusively made for my customers. Do yourself a favor and please check with me before you buy. You will be glad that you did! Please remember to mention Paul "The Air Force Guy" when you call, email or stop by our dealership. Paul Chamberlain, Jr. "The Air Force Guy" * Over a Decade of Experience in the RV Industry * 301-898-3300 x139 paul.sales@beckleysrvs.com


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