Oliver Hamzaoui

Joined: Oct ,2018
Hi Guys it's me Oliver! I'm a small Youtuber with big dreams of being a soccer player I also play Fortnite if you want to add me my username is: YTOliverHamzaoui I also really want to get 30 subscribers and once I hit that amounts of subscribers I will edit this and put on a new goal of subs If i don't upload that means that YouTube isn't uploading my videos witch is happening these times but hopefully it will stop and if you want me to stream Fortnite than you guys have to give me 1000 subs if you don't know I also have a old channel I don't post on anymore is Brasil Da Best and I have a step brother named miko and he does YouTube to I Hope you guys like this channel and in the future i will post me doing soccer challenges but I will need 1000 subscribers so I can make money and get cleats for more unboxing videos and o will do soccer challenges more often like the crossbar if I hit 1 million subs I will do More giveaways but 2 Thousand subs I will do giveaways but not that often


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