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first off this is my 3rd channel, my last 2 had low qualitly and minimal effort put into them so i thought about restarting. hopefully i don't end up the same way the other 2 did. second, i will be making videos weekly. reason being is because i want to put more effort into my channel, and i will be making my videos on fridays. my videos won't have the best quality nor will any script or plan be put forth into any of my videos. if i don't make a video on friday it's because im sick, i lost connection, i have school work (im only 16), or it's because i might be grounded. now about me. first off i love video games, and more specifically, nintendo's video games. my favorite video game series is zelda, but pokemon is my childhood and i will always stick by it. i like to read now and then, meaning i really don't read often but i do respect literature when it's at its finest.


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