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Welcome, and thanks for visiting our channel! We are going to tell you a little about ourselves! Our names are David and Charlotte. Our 5 acre homestead is located in Bonifay, Florida. We grow most of our own vegetables and recently added pigs, so now we can grow and process our own pork! We take pride in the our homestead and are amazed at the growth over the last couple of years! We have been homesteading for 7 years now. We created this youtube channel to bring you guys along on our journey. We had no intentions of having our own youtube channel until just recently. Stacey from McLendon Homestead is our daughter. We convinced her and Chris to create their YouTube channel, and now they have convinced us to do the same! Originally, they were going to video all of our content and share it through their channel, but we have much more happening now, so we are ready to try this! We intend to post videos of day-to-day life on the homestead along with how-To Videos, God Bless!


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