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"Live life like an adventure. Because life doesn't live that long." Hey there! I'm Dominic, Dominic Coy to be precise. But I like to call myself "Nabbit", because, why not? Anyway, you'll find that I have been here for quite a long time. This has helped me gain more Subscribers. But I still aim to get more. Now that this channel has updated, I will now post Let's Plays and rarely Game Reviews. CO-OP Let's Plays that involve Multiplayer will be posted on "TheRobinCoys", a channel owned by me and 4 other friends. Most of the Let's Plays I post here will be mainly Singleplayer games, but I'll be sure to tag a buddy along with me sometime :D Apart of TheRobinCoys, I'm also part of LosPutosCracksXD, Archi's channel. There everything will be in Spanish, as will some videos in TheRobinCoys. What not, just be sure to enjoy yourself either way!


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