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Podcastage is a youtube channel that provides Gear Reviews & Tests to help you improve your podcast and youtube audio / video. Videos are released every Tuesday & Friday, so make sure to check back to see what new gear I am testing out for you guys. Also, don't be shy to ask questions in the comments, I do my best to respond and help in any way that I can, but please make sure to check to see if the question was previously answered. If you want to be awesome, subscribe to make sure you don't miss any tips or tricks to make your podcast or youtube videos better! If you want to be even more awesome, vote for the gear you want reviewed next on this poll: http://www.geeksrising.com/podcastage If you are interested in the gear I use to make my videos, record podcasts on the road, or what my favorite mics are, check out my kits: https://kit.com/podcastage


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