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1. I am a human from the planet earth. There are 7.6 billion of us. The earth is a ball shaped thing 40,000Km in circumference. This image begins my paradigm. 3. Become aware of your information filters, examine them critically and then fix them.4. Survey the landscape of the information wars. Find the empty niches and fill them with truth.5. The pile of things we don't understand is much bigger than the pile of things we do understand. 6. Asking whether people are basically good or basically evil, is like asking whether cars are black or white. JOKES: 1. I remember the good old days when reality was higher resolution than virtual reality. 2. There are at least 2000 different religions in the world. Variously they worship cows, rats, monkeys or a big rock. Can I worship a monkey on a rock rather than a man on a stick?


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