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Anything and everything goes here. Even I don't know what may come next. Generally, I'm into both cultural and political history because I think the past always informs the future or, at least, the present day. I like 1960s culture - it was a momentous and innovative era that brought a lot of interesting trends and memorable characters to the fore. I love animals, especially cats. Incidentally, I'm a vegetarian.. I'm Irish.. Other people both fascinate me and repulse me, depending on whom I'm dealing with at the time, ha, ha. People make life interesting. Travel is always good - I think I'd keel over from boredom and utter stagnation if I was stuck in the same place constantly. According to some people, I have "a dry sense of humour". I appreciate sincerity in other people - go and act somewhere else for someone else! I've noticed that YouTube is home to a lot of weird f*ckers and obsessively furious idiots who talk a lot of sh*t. And, good God, I may be one of them...!! oOoOo


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