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Zarif Chishti, the son off Syed MirAhmad Chishti, a Poet, Mystic, Gnostic, Ambassador Of Peace& an Award Recipient of International Peace from Landon, England; Spiritual Leader Of Chishti Order Of Sufism& one of the Imam Husain& Maudood Chishti's descendants. Also a Business man& Merchant by trade from Chisht Sharif, The place and origin of Chishti Order, Herat, Afg🇦🇫& was born on Oct. 22, 1993. He has, for the sake of Islam& Chishti Order Of Sufism, given up on his work as a Merchant& a Businessman& has concentrated& devoted his life on the expansion of spirituality& the ways of his holly ancestor's path of life all over the world and specially in India. His Kalifat Dynasty reaches the Prophet Hazrat Mohammed S, through Hazrat Ali& through family blood binding& Succession of Maudod Chishti, of Imam Hussain, Hazrat Ali. He has many followers& Kalifats in world. Garib Nawaz, was the descendant& successor of Maudod Chishti& the expander of Islam& Tarigha in Indian Subcontinent.


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