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Slipknot is a heavy metal band founded by members Shawn Crahan and Paul Gray in Des Moines, Iowa in 1995. Several other musicians became permanent additions to the band during the band's rise to fame. These musicians included Sid Wilson, Joey Jordison, Chris Fehn, Jim Root, Craig Jones, Mick Thomson, and Corey Taylor. Since 2010, Paul Gray has passed away, and Joey Jordison has left the band. The band became a prominent musical act with the release of their eponymous 1999 album. The album "Slipknot" was followed by "Iowa" in 2001, "Vol. 3 The Subliminal Verses in 2004", and "All Hope is Gone" in 2008. "5: The Gray Chapter" album is slated for release in 2014. Many of the band's songs have been nominated for Grammy Awards. In 2006, the track "Before I Forget" (from "Vol.3 The Subliminal Verses") won the Grammy award for best metal performance. Slipknot is recognized for its aggressive imagery. The band performs with each member wearing a unique mask and costume. Also, each member is referred to by a single digit number to enhance the image of anonymity. The masks and numbers change with the release of each new Slipknot album. Slipknot uses the numbers and masks to guide both critics and fans towards the music the band creates instead of towards the individual musicians. Slipknot's music is influenced by bands such as Judas Priest, Metallica, Led Zeppelin, White Zombie, and Beastie Boys. While Slipknot emerged in congruence with other metal bands such as Limp Bizkit and Korn, Slipknot and their fans maintain that Slipknot's style is uniquely independent, describing it merely as "metal metal." Slipknot concerts are renowned for their chaos and energy. Elevating stages, complex pyrotechnics, on stage brawling, and dangerous stunts are hallmarks of Slipknot's shows. Slipknot's fan base continues to be widespread, and their music continues to influence emerging metal acts.


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