Maddie and Elijah

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Hey, welcome to our channel! Here is a little bit about us. In February of 2016, Madelyn and I randomly met on Twitter. We both started talking and it turned out that we were both from Ohio! The only bad thing is, we live 5 hours away from each other. She lives at the very top of Ohio and I live at the very bottom (bummer I know..). So we facetimed every night until we met on April 1st of 2016. We met in Columbus and we only got to see each other for 3 DAYS... So then we went back to facetiming and eventually I came up to her house for the summer and it was so fun! We wish we would have recorded more but we didn't create a Youtube channel until the end of that summer. *WE BROKE THE DISTANCE in June 2017!!* We are going to be sharing our lives on this channel as we grow in our relationship and we'd love to have you follow us on this exciting journey! Who knew two kids from the opposite side of Ohio would meet and create something beautiful.. welcome to our channel. -M&E


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