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Everyone has their own path, but we all end up at the same place in the end. So we are stuck with each-other forever. -Derek Huneke Everyone has a language to communicate with their spirit-guides. It's up to them to practice and learn and dedicate time and effort to understand. It's there, you just have to want to see it and feel it. I show people how to create the space in between thoughts while meditating. Once you create a long space in between the thoughts popping in your head, you will be able to do so much more in your meditation practice you won't believe it. I am a seer, soothsayer, sensitive, whatever you want to call me it is fine. I practice Shamanism and Edgar Cayce studies. I love to share my knowledge and practice with others. I have done the trial and error and am ready to share with others so they can hit the ground running. Feel free to send me a message •@SeerDerek on Twitter •BaldBarber67@gmail.com •Xbox at Bald Barber67


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