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How does the Up-Video site work?

On the main page you can see 3 main tabs – “Home”, “Live TV”, and “Trending”. The “Home” page shows videos based on previously viewed content or subscriptions. The “Trending” tab holds the most popular videos at the moment. A user can select the most interesting content from the list. “Live TV” collects all live broadcasts of the channels. You can find the three-horizontal -line sign in the left upper corner of the Home page. Clicking on this icon, you can find thematic collections, where the videos are already sorted according to the category:
  • Movies
  • Auto
  • Video clips
  • Animals
  • Sports
  • Gaming
  • Humor
  • Entertainment
  • Hobbies and style
  • Science and technology. This menu also contains the “History” tab - displays previously viewed videos; "View Later" is a list of records a user wants to view at another time; "Watch Later" is a list of records that user wants to view at another time; Popular "- the most frequently viewed records," Liked "- videos marked by the user," My playlist "- a selection of saved in the playlist records.

    Personal account.

    Create a personal account.

    The user gets a personal account when registering on the site. Click the "Sign In" button in the right corner of the site page and complete the registration process with your Google+ account or Gmail.

    Account settings management.

    In the account settings, the user can:
  • in the "Notifications" section, enable or disable notifications about the latest actions of subscribers on the channel
  • change the email address for authorization on the site,
  • change the language of the site and the country
  • change information about the channel and individual videos,
  • change the privacy settings for your account and individual videos,
  • hide or delete your channel.

    Problems with your account.

    If the user cannot log in to his Up-Video account, there is the option to renew the password using e-mail. The access recovery page can contain a list of questions that should be answered in order to get access to account. You can also use the time, place, and device that you most often used to log in to your account. You need to verify your identity first to restore a hacked account, and then you can change the password and any information.

    Video viewing.

    How to use Up-Video?

    All the videos can be viewed by pressing the triangular "Play" button. Click on the two vertical dashes that appear instead of the "Play" button to pause playback. Full-screen video viewing mode allows you to deploy video to the size of your computer. The icon is located in the lower right corner of the player. Click on the button again or press the ESC key on the keyboard to exit the full-screen view mode. You can change the speed of video playback in the video settings that are displayed on the player. In the drop-down menu, the user should click the "Speed" button, and then select the desired playback speed. The quality of the video depends on the speed of the Internet connection and the parameters of the player, and is set automatically at first. Users can change the video quality. In the video settings menu, press the "Quality" button and then the required resolution. Users of the site can download the video from the link, which is fulfilled when clicking the "Download" button and choosing the format and quality of the recording.

    What to do if the video does not play?

    If the video is interrupted or does not start, you need to:
  • Close all tabs, except the tab of the site with the video.
  • Restart the browser.
  • Restart the router.
  • Restart the computer.
  • Update the browser to its latest version.
  • Update the firmware or system software. Videos can also not be played if the author due to the license rights set a restriction for playback within a particular country. Video records can be blocked by the site in connection with the terms of the legislation of a specific country.

    Age restrictions.

    The author of the video should set an age limit if the video contains scenes of violence, sexuality, nudity, illegal actions or activities dangerous to life by choosing the function "Age limit" in the "Settings" tab. Such videos are available to users over 18 years logged on the site. Videos with age restriction do not contain advertising. After receiving complaints about the video, moderators can set an age limit, which the author will not be able to cancel. Using the site in safe mode, all videos with age restrictions and videos marked by users as invalid are hidden. To activate the safe mode, you need to select "Enable" button at the bottom of the site page, and then "Save" the changes. To disable the safe mode, you must select the "Disable" button, and then "Save" the changes. Main functions.

    How to subscribe to a channel?

    Open the site, log into your account. Channels can be found in the catalog or using the search. Start watching the video of the liked channel. Click "Subscribe" button below the player. The recommended list with similar channels appeared below, you can also subscribe to them. Cancellation of the subscription is made in the same way as the subscription. Notifications of updates come automatically to you. You can choose the option to receive notifications about new video on a certain channel in the notification settings.

    About Playlists.

    Playlists are created for channel structuring and convenience in finding the necessary videos. You have to open the video, press the “Add to” button and choose “My playlist” to add a certain video to your playlist. In order to delete a video from "My playlist”, open it and click on the X icon near the unnecessary record. You can restrict access to your playlist or a specific video. In this case, video will be available only to users, who got your personal permission. All users can share videos and playlists with open access. If the video is available by link, users can transfer it to other site users.

    How to use the “Watch Later” feature?

    Press "Add to" button and choose "Watch Later” playlist to save the videos that cannot be watched at the moment. Remove a video from the "Watch Later" lists by opening it and clicking the X icon near the recording.

    The “Trending” section.

    Here you can find the most popular and recent videos at the moment. Each country has its own specific list. The update takes place every 15 minutes and the list is built on the basis of people's interest. This tab has the limit. When forming the "Trending" list, the following criteria are taken into account:
  • interest for a wide audience of users,
  • lack of elements that mislead users,
  • relevance,
  • novelty of the topic,
  • speed of popularity set,
  • the number of views,
  • places of traffic origin,
  • time of publication of the video.
  • Video recording should be publicly available to the users of the site or have the link access in order to get into this top.

    Managing your browsing history.

    Search history of Up-Video displays all viewed videos of the entire period of site utilization. The user can delete the video from the history or completely clear it. To delete a video, open the «History" tab and click the X icon next to the video. Click on the "Clear all" button to clear the entire "History" tab list. After clearing the history, the list will be formed from scratch after watching new content.

    Reaction and communication.

    When watching a video and marking it with "I like" or "I do not like", the user demonstrates the author his attitude towards the content provided.

    When a user logs into his account and presses the "I like" button, the video recording is automatically added to the "Liked videos" list. Open the list and click the X button near the recording to remove it from the "Liked videos" list.

    There is a line below the video, where an authorized user can leave comments and communicate with other users. The button on the right side above the comments allows you to sort them by publication date - "New" / "Old”.

    You can share clips from a playlist in social networks. Select the social network icon on the watch page using the “Share” button; The link to the video can also be sent by e-mail or embedded on another site.

    Creation and channel management.

    How to create a channel?

    An authorized user has to enter the Creator studio and select the "Channel" button in menu on the left side. After filling in the "Channel description" field, selecting the language and the country, you need to click the "Save" button. Now the channel and all information about it will be contained in the "Control Panel" tab.

    How to upload videos?

    The user should select "Video Manager" tab in the left side of his Creator studio and choose the relevant file from the computer. Important: the maximum size of the downloaded content should not exceed 300MB, the total length of the video - up to 15 minutes. Uploading video to Up-Video, the user agrees to the terms of use.

    Control panel for the author.

    When you click "View Channel" button under the user name, a page will display list of videos on the channel, the number of subscribers and the ratings of videos and channel. Here are also shown comments of users of the site.

    The user-author of the channel can create live broadcasts with the help of the appropriate software, leave links to live broadcasts in social networks with the help of "Share" button, make the video open for all users, or restrict access to it.

    How to use the video settings?

    By pressing the "More Actions" button in the "Video Manager" tab you can select an action: add, edit or delete a description, title, tags. The author can delete his publications. The user need to sign in to the account, then in the Creator Studio in the "Video Manager" section select "Video" and then choose the "Delete" action. The record will be visible for some time in the search results on the site, but will no longer be available to be viewed. Existing videos cannot be replaced.

    How to manage channel settings?

    The background image is displayed as a banner at the top of the channel. The user must log in to his account, select "My Channel" tab and then the "Add Design" option. The picture can be downloaded from the computer by pressing "Select" button.

    If you want to replace an already existing image, you need to select the option "Change channel design".

    Links to social networks can be also added in the channel banner. Select "Change links" in the corner of the banner, then choose "Edit" tab and select the "Add" option. After that, enter the URL of the social network site (one or several) in the line. Icons of the social networks will be displayed below the description.

    Copyright and trademark rules.

    The right holder can dispose with results of his work at his discretion, and only he can give permission to other people to use it. Protection of copyright is subject to: musical composition and recording; video recordings, online broadcasts, movies, TV series, TV shows, computer programs, written works, samples of fine art. Intangible processes and ideas are not subject to copyright protection according to the current legislation of our country. The trademark regulates use of the names and logos of brands and trademarks, commercial slogans and symbols by private persons for their own purposes. Videos that have been reported as having a copyright infringement, patent rights or unlawful use of trademarks are subject to removal on the Up-Video website. If the author considers that video was unfairly deleted, he can file an appeal and give arguments to his own advantage.

    Subscribers and statistics.

    The number of subscribers is the popularity indicator of the channel. It’s really important for any author to maintain active interaction with his subscribers. The channel statistics shows the number of views and subscribers for the last 30 days and the rank of the channel.


    Basic rules.

    On the Up-Video site, it is prohibited:
  • to call for cruelty, violence and hatred, discrimination of third parties on certain grounds.
  • publication of videos that offend other users;
  • leaving harsh comments;
  • disclosure of personal data of other people;
  • the publication of videos intended to humiliate another person ;
  • publication of sexual material (pornographic materials, fetishism, scenes of sexual violence, naked nature, individual exposed parts of the body, sexual postures, sex toys and other products for adults);
  • propaganda of unhealthy lifestyles, alcohol, smoking and drugs;
  • videos with scenes of violence;
  • records that disclose personal data of third parties published without their consent;
  • videos that violate copyrights;
  • records with antisocial, unacceptable for most users, composition;
  • spam and fraud.

    The user has the right to leave complaints about unacceptable behavior of other users and their violation of site rules, as well as can remove offensive or inappropriate comments. If the conflict reaches a certain level of seriousness, the user can protect his rights with the help of law enforcement.

    Protecting the privacy of users.

    Personal security and confidentiality is the priority of the site. When making videos with other people, you need to get their permission to shoot and publish videos. If third-party users publish personal user data without consent, the user can file a complaint with the site's moderators or create a request for the content removal. To protect your videos and channel, set a password and always check your account protection settings.

    Blocking users.

    Blocking the user leads to restriction of his ability to view the author's content, chat with him, comment and send him videos. You need to open his page, find the "About the channel" tab, select the option "Block user" and click the "Send" button. Comments of the blocked user will remain on the channel, you can delete them manually. Click the X icon next to the user name and the "Save" button to unlock him in the "Blocked Users" section.

    Violation of the rights of the child.

    The site prohibits the publication of sexually explicit video materials with the participation of minors. Users can not add comments that represent children in a sexual context. The publication of such videos and comments leads to the blocking of the account and the message to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children.

    Users can report such a violation to the moderators. Videos that contain material that is not suitable for viewing by children are subject to an age restriction.


    What is video advertising?

    Video ads on the site are commercials, which are served before the beginning of the video or during direct playback. Points that influence on advertising selection after the user’s authorization:

  • types and subject matter of the watched videos,
  • previously visited sites,
  • previous interactions of the user with advertising in the browser,
  • the location of the user,
  • age and gender of the user.

    Rules for advertising.

    All advertisements on the site Up-Video must comply with technical requirements, community principles, meet the requirements of the law and placement rules and must be designed for people over 13 years old. The site reserves the right to remove commercials that are deemed inappropriate, intrusive or carrying dangerous or untrue information.

    Advertising of alcohol on the site is possible, subject to the conditions that the ad complies with the current legislation of the country, does not promote unhealthy lifestyles and excessive use, there are no scenes of violence, drunk driving, the ad has age restrictions, established by the author. Advertising of contraceptives on the site is permissible. A video with such advertising should comply with the legislation of the country, do not contain propaganda materials, sexual scenes and scenes of violence, and should be aimed at the brand itself. On the site you cannot place ads that carry elements of a sexual nature (pornographic materials, fetishism, scenes of sexual violence, naked nature, individual exposed parts of the body, sexual postures, sex toys and other products for adults).

    Users can only advertise online casinos and bookmaker companies with the company's license. Promotion of resources that call for gambling for real money is prohibited.

    Promotional videos should be clear. Do not use abusive or coarse words.

    Rules of cooperation.

    The most attractive advertisements appear on the main page. Advertising on the main page should be interesting for a wide range of users, comply with the current legislation of the country and do not contain banned to display, unacceptable, antisocial elements.

    Advertisers must follow the rules of advertising and provide age limits depending on the content of the video.

    Content that violates the terms of use of the site may be withdrawn, and the user's account can be blocked.