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UP-Tube respects the confidentiality and security of your personal data collected as a result of the web site utilization in accordance with terms and conditions set out in the General Terms of Use.


All data voluntarily provided by you, are collected and further processed by us - your used email, your date of birth, IP address (your computer's address, determined automatically).

Our site gives access to third party companies to implement automatic tracking processes, such as cookie or web beacon, despite whether you are a user who has been authenticated or visit our site as a guest. All data collected by such programs (browser type, time and date, subject of advertisements clicked or scrolled over etc.) are directed to improve and optimize the operation of the website, as well as more advantageous selection of advertising that you are given. All data is collected anonymously. You always have the option to lock them in your browser settings.


UP-Tube is a French company. For this reason, the data, indicated on the site as mandatory, are collected and stored in France. The local law enforcement agency has been notified of this action (Commission Nationale de l'Informatique et des Libertés). Such data collection allows you to perform basic functions on the site, such as uploading and watching videos, commenting and more, as well as enabling the site itself to compile site visits statistics.


UP-Tube does not have the right to transfer your data (except mentioned in paragraph 2) for use to third parties. However, there are exceptions when we are obliged to do this. Such situations suggest interference by law enforcement agencies or UP-Tube considers that it is necessary to comply with the law or has the right to do so in protecting its rights and interests. The UP-Tube policy provides for notification of you in the occasion that you get receipt of a subpoena, provided that it is legally permissed. We do not produce your data in the period of two weeks, thereby giving you the opportunity to cancel the subpoena.


UP-Tube is responsible for your data. Therefore we take all possible measures for preservation of your information, protection from loss and damage, and also defense against improper utilization by third parties.


All data collected automatically on the website is stored for the purposes mentioned above. No other reasons allow you to use the stored information for other purposes. Then all the data is used only for statistics.


When registering on the site, you automatically confirm that you are older than 13 years, since this site is not intended for use by persons less than 13 years. UP-Tube does not have the right to collect information from persons younger than the specified age. In case you have not reached the age of thirteen, please do not use this site.

In case you are a parent or guardian of a child under the age of 13 who somehow managed to register on our website, please send a letter to, in order to obtain further instructions for action.

To cancel your child's registration on UP-Tube, the following items should be e-mailed:

  • your full name and address,
  • full name and address of your child,
  • valid e-mail,
  • valid phones,
  • your relationship with the child,
  • signed statement that you are the legal parent of the child's guardian.
  • The data specified in the letter can only be used by UP-Tube as evidence that you are a legal guardian or parent of the child.


    You have the opportunity to access the edition mode of your personal data when using the Personal Info section in your account or sending an email to this address