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the day Worthing sea-front was invaded by infinite teddy-bears.

No teddy bears were harmed in the making of this video.

music is available here:
The software used was adobe after effects.

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Oh I get it untill the bears get ran over and spit people 😂 xd
Pheir's Promo
Why would people dislike this masterpeice

_oh lawd he comin_
Валентина Юсупова
Коротко о том что творится на русских дорогах
Pixelgaming No last name
I don’t really like a few parts
Dez Webber
The Black truck remains.
Jacob Truman
This song perfectly illiterates what it’s like in the mind of someone with adhd
I find this cute with the music
Toby Grif
That's one big limo
Left YouTube
Lyrics: *bear bear bear bear bear* and so on until the video ends
Fred Post
Go home planet, you're drunk
Janet Turner
Oh shite it’s teddyzilla
The new F.a.y.a fennikin and yoshi adventures
0:29 BOP goes the pigeon
I gotta admit this one is kinda cute bears just minding their own business crossing the street
Yurga ball
I- I Just...
Edwin Chang
Dr. Strange in a nutshell
perfume 123
Limousines in cartoons: 1:17
Turtle Snake YT
I love this music
asd Dumitrascu
Hayden Zirkle
This sucks teddy bears are dead meat I'm burning teddy bears in a fire and many more ways
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Mozart for Babies Brain Development Cycles 1 year ago   3:02:57

3 Hours of Mozart classical music for babies to go to sleep. Some of the best relaxing classical music for babies brain development, kids and children to relax and sleep by Mozart. Instrumental classical music for sleeping newborn babies.

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"Mozart - Clarinet Concerto in A major, K. 622 - II. Adagio" by William McColl. (
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