Top 10 crazy Longest goals by GOALKEEPER 10 Impossible Things That Only 12 months ago   04:21

Top Amazing Longest goals scored by GK from halfway line field in football/soccer .

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yeet dude
That is why you stay in the box of the net and mostly completely in the net!
Dandy Goat
Imagine how humiliating this would be? I would be embarrassed asf🤣
தமிழ் தேசியன்
I don’t watch football but this video is crazy 😮😬
Manasi Fadikar
Dynamic atomic blast
Bro the first goal was crazy
Andreas Hoppe
Must feel horrible to receive a goal like this…
J.A. Brown
Football is a giant big RNG and every once in a while, it turns up stuff like this.
TerrorismNoReligion TerrorismNoReligion
whats the music?
Odin Griffen
Had a kid in my hogh school max beebee scored from goal postion during a game, ounted it, it bounced once at half field, again at thw box, then over the goalies head and into the goal. Kid could punt the ball so high people would wait for it to hit before going after it lol
hazem swelam
Im a goalkeeper and I caught the ball then I just shot it in (because my whole team was trash) the first time it went in because the goalkeeper was bad. But another time I shot the ball on one of the best goalies in our club. I tricked him into diving left because I shot the ball so that it curves left to right so he jumps on the left then it curves and goes to the right. What a goal. My whole team was proud because if I hadn’t scored that we would’ve gone out
first goal, is ? Name player
Francis Lim
I loved Begovic's goal best.
Homero Negaraku
All i see is bad keeping
That’s their range of penalty
imkong nungsang
Anyone else skipped the video to number1?
MTH this is the longest by a goalkeeper
Tomas Muller
Sehr unscharf .......
Rafhaël Stam
Somebody dutch here?
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10 Impossible Things That Only Top 10 crazy Longest goals by GOALKEEPER 12 months ago   12:41

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