Top 10 crazy Longest goals by GOALKEEPER 10 Impossible Things That Only 9 months ago   04:21

Top Amazing Longest goals scored by GK from halfway line field in football/soccer .

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Da Dawg
I wish neuer would be like this
Prince Orphee
The coaches need to take these goalies and put them on the field
al sftc
Begovic King 🇧🇦👑
Thankur ram Sahu
Gianluigi Donnarumma is gonna be so good he might be able to do the same thing and also score a couple goals from that distance who knows
muhammed adil
പൊളിച്ചു മോനെ പൊളിച്ചു ha ha haaaa
New one by Amer shafi.
Ewok Topia
Did they forget that balls bounce
Hadidas Maths
These keepers can boot very far
Chuck Cape
One gets a pass because the ball got lost in the sun and one was an own goal.The rest of them were just plain goalkeeper errors.
Abizzar Putra Nugraha
Kiper nya di sogok mafia tuh
I know its pretty unlikely, but if a goalkeeper THREW the ball and it ended up in the other net without touching any other player (say the wind caught it or something), would it count as a goal?
elvis avdisha
partite vendute quasi tutte.
Muh Muslan
good morning
Sherri Olsen
What are they doing wayyyy in front of the goal? These goal keepers need to learn how to goal keeper
Number 9 is an own goal
ugly bastard kid
Name of song?
Vinh Tran
cho e trái ⚽ ik
Vinh Tran
cho e trái banh
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10 Impossible Things That Only Top 10 crazy Longest goals by GOALKEEPER 9 months ago   12:41

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