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The Masters
Tiger Woods addresses the press after winning his fifth Masters.

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*Greatest of all Time*
Daniel Hendricks
im still shocked
Anthony Adams jr
congrats tiger u deserve it it made my day watching u win again
Joey A
This type of press interview feels like he was the first person to walk on Mars and made it back successfully to Earth.
Jari Viitanen
So incredibly rewarding to see the very great one happier than ever in pro wise 🤡✌️
Sling Shot
The thing that impresses me most about Tiger is his humility, and his articulation. When he wins BIG, he's never at a lack of words to give his opponents their just do. When his opponents win, they are always quick to throw spitballs at him, trash talk, and celebrate at his expense.
Tiger inspired me to play golf and love golf.
Fast Eddy Love
Tiger still a student of the game & I think being one has serve him well in his now, later years. In addition to the talent Tiger has always been one of the hardest working & most driven players on the tour.
Eric King
tiger hadnt won a major since before my stepdad passed. All I could think about was him rockin Nike on a spring sunday at my grandmas house. when it got to 16... i even stood up, opened the window to let the sunshine in, and just stood for the rest of the holes... idk if ill ever forget this Sunday... plus game of thrones was awesome that night too ha
"We must respect the Office." Thank you Tiger Woods.
Sydney Rooster
Nice work Tiger. $300 @ 17s. Easy money. Thank you.
Elliot J
Tiger may have his flaws, but he showed the world that not giving up and hard work pay off no matter who you are or what skin tone you possess.
R.O. Hutch
Great interview!
Christopher Hitchens
Follicular unit extraction (FUE) please!
Just don't give your winning to another gold digger, please. Divorce exploits the rich and the poor...
Sir Flemeington
Yay golf
Rodney Belderol
Brandon James
cruisehackerz.wordpress. com are the best, they sent me $21,000 via bank transfer
T Wik
I miss the slave days.
love life
Tiger woods. Is looking like a black elon musk. Weird.
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