The Professor vs Real Hoopers... Damages The Professor tries T jass crazy 3 months ago   09:05

Professor Live
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Special thank you to Court Kingz', Victor and Simon Martinez for making this video possible!

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I don't think the commentator can say anything other than WOOOOOAAAHHHH and gibberish
Vituh Vini
Ooooooh my god!!!!!!!!
Chris Watts
Good to see everyone playing is smiling and having a good time! Alot of people take it far 2 serious!!! Respect
Find a new barber
Marc Harris
God blessed him to be a outstanding player! Me and my son August really enjoyed the video!
SubToCKD Thai
Fire 🔥
wat up
Too lit😂😂😂😂😂
Mason Rodgers
0:48 the guy next to him is so tall
Artan Fuga
Look at profesor neck at 30 sec looks like a hickie
Thomas Kar
Ain't street, self pass and head or body pass would be technical fault.
Blockman go Gameryt
Did you guys saw the spider-man guy on the time of 4:43 or 4:45
Gabriel Nardis
Slc joga muitoooooo , mito
Mikahy J.
James Harden step back at 3:46 that was hillarious
s0ftsp0t the wise
1 Million dollar move, 5 cent finish
Doge Master
Professor is not a human being!
Kyriakou Sotiris
professor is overrated
Jacob Graves
#12 played great defense on him.
Basketball is an offensive game, even if everyone on the court is playing top notch O and D = its still an offensive game.
#12 almost got that block on the jump shot.
Good effort by him ☑️.

We could stand to see better interior defense tho but maybe that wasnt shown on this short vid.
Ming Han Koh
Why was there a spider man in the back 😂
G.C Fernandez
This is how I see Professor play

He accurately controls the ball at the same time he accurately controlls his body movement

He also confuses others just by mostly faking a move then takes advantage on the open area

Then he just let loose of his style or meaning he just goes crazy when he handles the ball
Ex: 3:11 2:15

And last, he plans ahead
Ex: 7:03

Like if you knwo what I mean or if you actually noticed that too before I even said it
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The Professor tries T jass crazy The Professor vs Real Hoopers... Damages 3 months ago   13:50

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