The Professor vs Real Hoopers... Damages The Professor tries T jass crazy 2 weeks ago   09:05

Professor Live
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Special thank you to Court Kingz', Victor and Simon Martinez for making this video possible!

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Toan Nguyen
he’s daaaaancin on them
every time something happens the announcer just goes wooooooowo!!!
Brokenlens Report
Lord Metaphis
Professor is like, "This is what I do!" o man, don't hurt em' too bad professor. Simply amazing!
Mopar Eddy
I like how un-biased his video is
Ay give credit when credit is due, if the other team pulls up on you or crosses you over, show it
Nice video and great chemistry as well
Connor Van
4:40 is that spidey in the background
Robert Haizlip
Weren't even trying to defend him. What game gas the other 8 players all on the opposite side of the court? This guy is a sham
Robert Haizlip
Really?? Against high schoolers?? Go get NBA players
He's got skills
You should be in the celebrity game during all star weekend man
bob burl
Mad skills.
Why he not in da NBA
Top Video
Nice Video Professor Live, Keep up the good Work....Thumbs Up.
Lil puddin9312
Ye you could say the professor isnt that good, but that can only be said if you're god, the best motherfucker in sandals at basketball.
Shivani Roy
Didn't he lose his pivot on 7 52?
Breaking ankles. Dueds need 2 go 2 the hospital 4 surgery
FuZion Drew
I thought I was watching 2k for in minute
Ricey Ryan
These r so clean
If the professor could only dunk, too
Chad Lawrence
that is some funny stuff... so quick.
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The Professor tries T jass crazy The Professor vs Real Hoopers... Damages 2 weeks ago   13:50

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