Lesbian marriage raises eyebrows The Benns' Lesbian Wedding! 2 months ago   01:40

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Although the Indian Supreme Court has allowed consensual intercourse between same-sex adults, it's still not easy for lesbian and gay couples to tie the knot due to social and cultural taboos. Two women in a small Indian town are defying all pressures.
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Jennifer Yasin
How badly..I wish to be as brave as them
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You could have at least removed red eyes before uploading 😆
Someone should start a Fund-Raising Initiative for them !!!
I'm so proud of them to do even this much, it's making a change and I hope they are happy
KL Rider
By all means, be a lesbian and I hope your marriage gets legal recognition one day.

But why are you asking the federal and state govts for a job? This is typical Indian socialist mentality that created many generations of entitlement-seekers instead of go-getters. Either that or they're confused of their gender roles in a backward state where most men work and most women are still housewives.

Someone please tell these women, who were brave enough to go against traditional norms, to also be brave enough to find their own means of living. India needs people who create jobs, not people who demand jobs, regardless of their gender.
Esteban Dido
Their family should ask the black fellow from whatsapp for help.
Put the two lesbians with him just for one night.
They will change their minds.
Gogol -
If you keep on listening to the society and their illogical "logics" abd their "how it works", you'll just destroy your life... Move on... Forget this society... Give less damn to these freaking people ...why should someone else take ur life decisions..?? Are you obliged to work according to them..?? They only know how to speak blah blah...!! ;-)
Micheal Attar
I am a lesbian stuck in a man BODY
Ngl, im surprised they arent dead. Cuz UP is sort of a red state.
Mohamed Waleed
0:24 she has red eyes??!
Do not always blame the 3rd world, I know more than enough people who live a double life in so-called free Western Worl.
vaanan navin
👅👅👅👅👅 this is all they can do....
Sajal Jain
Follow-up law is needed for same sex marriages after decriminalisation of homosexuality.
jemin kim
Yall so mean and shady for the thumbnail
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The Benns' Lesbian Wedding! Lesbian marriage raises eyebrows 2 months ago   03:47

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