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Little Kid Was Getting Bullied, So I Did This... | This Kid Was Getting Bullied By His "friends" - At Up-Tube.com

Little Kid was getting bullied, so I did this... this kid was getting Bullied by his "Friends" 2 days ago   07:31

Little Kid was getting bullied, so I did this... (Emotional) fortnite battle royale

#rareskins #renegaderaider #purpleskulltrooper

Just a young kid trying to make it on YouTube !

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Twitter: @H0RSE https://twitter.com/H0RSE

Psn: Shorings

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Who would’ve helped him ?? 🤔🤷‍♂️
Dude this is so fake if u think this is real ur rlly stupid
Alicja Sroka
branson limited
he liying it wont hapin
Khandokar Nuruzzaman
I like and there is not recon exper
Custom Deluxxx -
Can I get a bruh count
Rashaad Phoenix
So no body think this seem a little staged
Niko D
When he said why do you make me sad I almost cried
cookie skits:3
YO IS THAT A FELOW HIBRID SKIN BEING BULLYD ima sub cuz u show love to these skins
Yam TM
Why would a 14 year old would bully a little kid that’s fake
Black Shadow
1 like = 10 V-bucks for the poor kid let's see how many Vbucks he will have in his account.
Gabriel Eldin
kid thinks he's carlitoes! lol.
horsing isnt even tht good
hes 6 and the dude sounds like hes 17 but there at the same school niggga WHT
Raelene Torpy
Get 90000 likes
Raelene Torpy
terri Williams
This is how many times he said Bru
I would help him, but your voice bro it pisses me off
Is this fake?
xxxgandlol 2019
plis help me my w are 0 plis help me my name is GOLDI PR if dosent work put jonel2008 or if dont work try jonel 2008
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this kid was getting Bullied by his "Friends" Little Kid was getting bullied, so I did this... 2 days ago   10:27

Today I got to meet a kid in Fortnite Random Duos that was getting Bullied by his "Friends" and having a bad day... so I added him and became his Friend to help him out!

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