Anna and the Apocalypse Clip: "Bathroom INSTANT FAMILY Official Trailer 3 months ago   00:45

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What happens when zombies corner two badass women? Brains get splattered...that's what. See Anna and the Apocalypse in theaters this holiday season! 💀🎄#AATAmovie

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P Ferreira
I don't think any of my relatives will be getting a job there...
dane burnstine
at the end though
Lachlan Martin
For any skeptics, please see this. One of the most original zombie movies.
It should strike non-believers as a strange coincidence that the unsaved world makes every other movie mention an "apocalypse" somewhere in the movie. Why would they do that if it's just a lie? They wouldn't'. Why would they (really satan who they follow) do it if the apocalypse is truth? To desensitize people to it so they ignore the signs going on all around us in real life until it's too late.
Please read the gospels again and forget what others and what churches have "told" you it says.
AJ Hyslop
Just saw this film, was somewhat skeptical going in but ended up loving it!
Wyatt Krukoski
The Walking Dead is better than this crap
Another zombie movie? Sigh...
Adolfo Pena
Fantastic! This is my favorite type of stupid movie!
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INSTANT FAMILY Official Trailer Anna and the Apocalypse Clip: "Bathroom 3 months ago   02:40

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