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Ontario Highway 417 West In Ottawa, | Westbound Interstate 70 In Colorado, The Eisenhower - At Up-Tube.com

Ontario Highway 417 West in Ottawa, Westbound Interstate 70 In Colorado, The Eisenhower 2 days ago   03:29

This video follows westbound Ontario Highway 417, through the city of Ottawa, Canada's capital!

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John W
I have a question for either FreewayBrent or FreewayJim. If I decided to make one of these for Alberta, what did you use for the highway signs graphics?
Was this filmed in 2013?
Kennedy Elson
nice work my guy also no west end:( but we have the most generic interchanges like carp road anyway nice video nice to see my city
Adam K
Safe and sound travels.
Adventure Guy
Dang this brings some memories. I used to live just outside of Ottawa in Kanata. But when I lived there it felt weird. Felt like a town instead of the capital of a country....
A fun fact about the 417 is that despite being opened in 1971 it was not connected to the rest of the Ontario freeway system until 1999 (lots of weird Canadian politics to blame).
Nice video, although they have made many improvements to the 417 since, repaved most of the surface and widened several parts of the highway so it flows much better now.
Michael Keshi
Lagos - Ibadan expressway
@1:52 100 mph this is crazy awesome!
Kristy Warner
Hi Brent, I noticed that the road signs also have another language... French I'm presuming because some Canadians speak French? I thought it was mainly in Quebec though that there is bilingual road signs...
Judge Dredd
Ottawa, the city fun forgot
Anish Nya
Any footage of the 416?
Nice driving. Thanks for the ride.
Josan Spain Autovía
Great video !! Thanks for uploading ...  Also nice music !! ...
Nice to see you back.  Great video, as always.
Anthony B
You should go to Europe and get a ride to European highways !!! That would be great !!!
What can I say... more awesome work Brent. Ontario has some very interesting freeways!
Nice video. Kinda lacks that sun-kissed Cali vibe you're used to! Blame Canada.
Mountain West Highways
Fantastic Job Brent! Really liked the music and the ride! I really also liked the video of yours with the music by Shy Kidx and you going on the busiest highway in North America!
Great as always. Thanks Brent!
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Westbound Interstate 70 In Colorado, The Eisenhower Ontario Highway 417 West in Ottawa, 2 days ago   05:09

This video follows Westbound Interstate 70 through the Eisenhower Tunnel, and then heads for the 6 mile descent down into Straight Creek Canyon.