LeBron James Destroys Wesley Charles Barkley & Shaq on Golden 3 months ago   00:42

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Guest One
Lebron is Overrated
Justinejerson Rosales
James nadine
Chew Lew
Roses are violets are blue.

We all got clickbaited.
dab savage
No they didn’t trash talked. They just played good
righeous jundergod
Lbj has been getting double teamed his entire career and he'll go to the hall of fame. I'd guess this nobody would feel picked on if he ever saw a double team.
Mark Gomez
You cant beat the king .
Royce G
LeBron started talking first lol.
eric davis
what the game needs more of
Mikey J
Watch the clip in Slomo. Lebron moves his pivot foot before he dribbles the ball. That is considered a travel. Those refs love Lebron.
Respect Lebron, go up against Lebron but dont trash talk if you cant back it up...
Joseph Mccray
What did he do to destroy him make a layup?
Blurry picture
script of paper
Lousy handles
Borat Sagdiyev
Lmao who tf is mathews?
Bryan Speer
This is good to see! Competitive but good sportsmanship. Role models.
Lyriq Wise
No communication for a switch. I see a bad screen caller not someone being destroyed.
Nicholas Anane Frimpong
Lil kid should know why there's a king LeBron James...he want all that.. son
Rocco Siffredi
The king of la going to work
Gooooo Lakers!!!
Enrique Otarola
LeBron has bigger and better BBC than the other guy
23 on 23 crime
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Charles Barkley & Shaq on Golden LeBron James Destroys Wesley 3 months ago   18:35

Charles Barkley & Shaq on Golden State Warriors LOSS TO Toronto Raptors 131-128 OT | Inside The NBA