Who Is Manafort's Russian Associate in the Crosshairs Chuck Rosenberg: Congress Isn't 2 days ago   02:51

Wall Street Journal
Paul Manafort lied to prosecutors about his meetings with Russian political operative Konstantin Kilimnik during and after the 2016 campaign. WSJ’s Shelby Holliday explains what we know about Manafort’s Russian associate. Illustration: Laura Kammermann

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Abdigani Aden
Conservatives today have no ideological alignment, half getting too old to keep up with fast times and rest too easy to buy by dictator wannabe oligarchs.

Ridiculous how cheap it got to steer a superpower by its own competitors.
Peter Pan
It a joke the whole lot considerin USA messes around with any country they want .......
charlie morejon
And ? Wheres the collusion ..lots of speculation ...didnt really say anything in this video
Tyrone Jenkins
Howard Schultz 2020!
Welcome to the political comment section .
Plant Maven
"Something Manafort's lawyers inadvertently revealed in a court filing" If you are going to engage in high level corruption and treason GET SOME FREAKING GOOD LAWYERS FOR CHRISSAKE
Think the Republican party is infiltrated by Russians. Trump walked into an already existing relationship. Trump was the Republican and Russian useful idiot.
Chosen One
I had a meeting with the deep state a week ago they know what is on the special counsel report aka Mueller report. They told me that there is no collusion and that Trump is a "useful idiot."
Nice defense attempt by Kilimnik but
1) Why did Kilimnik cross the ocean to meet with Manafort to get polling data and talk about a Ukrainian peace deal? ...Why would Kilimnik take the polling data if he were not in contact with Russian intelligence? ... Why wouldn't they just talk by phone or in a video chat?.
2) Why did Manafort lie to the SCO about the polling data if there was nothing illegal about it or about what they were doing?

3) Why would Trump be so anxious to make a controversial change in the GOP party platform?
4) Why was Kilimnick acting as a go-between for Rick, Gates and Alex Van Der Zwaan about a propaganda memo Van Der Zwaan wrote to whitewash Manfort's work with Viktor Yanucovyich in Ukraine?

5) Why didn't Manafoart object to Don Jr.s June 9 Trump Tower meeting with a representative of the Russian government?
6) Why would Trump remain in contact with Manafort after he left the campaign?
7) Why were Manafoart and Trump's legal team exchanging notes about what the SCO was asking after Manafoart entered into a plea deal?
Americans Google Alex Van Der Zwaan As Mueller Issues New Charges | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC /watch?v=Pkqc9IXVu6w
Rep. Schiff: Manafort was backdoor for Trump https://up-tube.com/upvideo/8aG3tt_XUOR&g=435f

Trump Campaign Caught in Lie Over Ukraine and GOP Platform /watch?v=rHMxuLHx70U
CNN: Trump Ally Says He Altered GOP Platform Language On Ukraine   Mar 3, 2017   h/watch?v=W45uypE7fB
Google: 2016 RNC Delegate: Trump Directed Change To Party Platform On Ukraine Support (npr)
H Pn
Jessie smollet. That's who.
His father is a Russia Jew!
Go figure?!
Sunshyne07 Fl
Who cares..tired of yellow journalism..your creditably has too many holes..always trying to cause trouble
David Ellis
Manafort & Trump , criminals.
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Chuck Rosenberg: Congress Isn't Who Is Manafort's Russian Associate in the Crosshairs 2 days ago   02:16

Chuck Rosenberg, a former U.S. attorney and senior FBI official, says Cohen is acting like "most cooperating witnesses." Rosenberg also says Cohen clearly knows the information he provides to Congress has to be corroborated, but added, "I just don't think Congress is doing a very good job at corroborating it. Mueller will."
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Chuck Rosenberg: Congress Isn't Doing A Very Good Job. Mueller Will. | MSNBC