2007 Budweiser Shootout Petty Blue (Narrated by Kevin 6 months ago   1:39:02


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William Grantham
37:08 NASCAR On Fox Old Replay
William Grantham
37:08 Fake Replay
Bojo David
The last great season
Michael Games
David Gilliland was such a underrated restrictor plate racer
22:27 Minus the blue wheels, that #2 car deserves to be in a ART museum. Might have been fitting to have field it for the 50th Daytona 500.
Tre' Cooledge
Poor Evernham Motorsports, Darrell is right. His cars would say out of trouble all race long, and at the last few laps of race, if one of them were involved in the crash, they both were going to be involved.
Tre' Cooledge
Speedweeks, 2007... Tony Stewart was bad fast. Good thing for Kevin Harvick in the Daytona 500 that Stewart got loose and lost it and took himself out. And Todd Gilliland really threw away a golden opportunity.
Tre' Cooledge
I wasn't a fan of NASCAR allowing Toyota into NASCAR and I'm still not. But the red bull Toyota Camry were the coolest and best looking cars before the COT platform.
Tre' Cooledge
Wasn't this the very first NASCAR race presented in high def?
Scuderia Kasey Dixon
53:53 CRANK IT UP!
Noah The Texan
2007 was the year i got into nascar mainly because of nascat heat 2002
Michael Deitch
First nascar race I ever saw
quality change from 2006 last race to this race
Red Card
17:25 OMG DW!!!
cool race to watch thanks
William Grantham
Cars 3!
William Grantham
William Grantham Is Leader!
Gilliand got a job because he won a race
Collin Williams
thomas collins
cars 2
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Petty Blue (Narrated by Kevin 2007 Budweiser Shootout 6 months ago   1:32:15

Petty Blue: http://amzn.to/2r3oFsv