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Jake Hill - Doom [Feat. | Jake Hill - Mindless (Prod. - At Up-Tube.com

Jake Hill - Doom [feat. Jake Hill - Mindless (Prod. 11 months ago   02:53

► Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/26JloX1vHxGGrGUVeMItFJ
► iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/artist/iamjakehill/id1155655033

Prod by Jack Marlow: https://up-tube.com/channel/HPZf9egK7t5PDnwkoHDWbfmD
Visualizer by: https://twitter.com/TheGarlicToast

Follow me if you wanna:
► https://www.instagram.com/iamjakehill
► https://twitter.com/JaaakeHill
► https://www.facebook.com/IamjakehillMusic
► https://soundcloud.com/iamjakehill
► Snapchat: JaaakeHill
► Merch: http://jakehill.bigcartel.com/

My music is available on Google play, Amazon, Deezer, Tidal, Etc. under the name "iAmJakeHill"

Comments 1129 Comments

kamiren exotic meek
Hah =)
ShOtNiK Fliker
о майгат
Mr Jackson
Great track.... been looking for something hare and I think i may have just found it 🤙🏾
Raqual Touchine
Fucking lit intro bro had to ease on my volume🔥🔥
sweet cherry
Holy shit 5 seconds in and I'm already liking and sharing this is ausome
eddie kim
i was so surprised with how fast the beat just came in like starting with a banger
Avery Waters
Fuck yeah this is sick bro
jadon clark
Dude Tyler is a funny ass man.
Something Spunky
Tyler Sheltone brought me here. I've never been a big fan of rap, but I really like this. I feel like I should say more but I think that's it.
My Blood Rushed So Fast Trough My Body From This Fire Ass Song
Doug Herald
YOU ARE A GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!
Konsta Terävä
lowkey my new fav song:)
Why i found it so fucking late
Канал STaNDoFF 2
Suka blat!
Bailey Rose
omg the scream tho
Alex N
My dumb OCD ass is so frustrated that you misspelled cemetery :( ,still a good song!
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Jake Hill - Mindless (Prod. Jake Hill - Doom [feat. 11 months ago   01:50

Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/26JloX1vHxGGrGUVeMItFJ
iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/artist/iamjakehill/id1155655033

Follow me if you wanna:
Snapchat: JaaakeHill

sometimes im mindless
and my mind sits
in the bottom of the motherfuckin trenches
dont get it twisted, dont need assistance
but sometimes I just dont get this cause

I crave all of this hate this from the nay-says I
put it all on my plate never say grace
im never solvin the case but I stay late
you got a problem meet me at the gate

I sold my soul for plastic gold
i drape the hate up on the centerpiece

rinse off all the grit no
rest in peace to all my enemies

double pump no remorse
your voices all just sound like shit to me

this that motherfuckin dump em all im on a killing spree

drown in the water
hold me down in the gutter
never gonna see me
runnin from the sound of the thunder
stay condescending
yall stop pretending
yall the beauty im the beast
when I drop the tempo

so many people are so
fucking evil I spoke
to the demoms
they told me im equal
but fuck that
dont put me on your level
bitch i am not like you
im not gonna settle

caught a body bag, got a ripe tag
i'll be right back

rip off that mask
slip on the glass, fight back

night night, on site
fuck yo bitch, out of spite

broken wrist, still we fight
on my shit, heavy grind

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