Peter Thiel: U.S. College DealBook Conference 2015 - Venture 4 months ago   02:56

April 12 -- Investor and entrepreneur Peter Thiel talks about education in America with Bloomberg's Emily Chang.

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YUI Kawaguchi
Education is one of great business in Australia . High status parents pay for education. Many Chinese rich parents send their kids to Australia to buy House and share stock. You have to encourage them to come to visit to Australia in a great way. Because they help Australia develop.
Telling a 16 year old to pursue the college path is like telling them to inject themselves with hepatitis C. There is no excuse for this bad behavior.
Wes House
Nice job Peter!
Arly Paul Miguel Damuy
Why the Church? You and many others in power are likewise corrupt.
Norm La Marche
From 2 years ago.😨 Put Felicity Huffman in with Cosby.😂😁😀😃
So true.
John Turner
Typical fiscal conservativeness
Michael Pappas
I never went to college...and I just laugh at people with useless degrees and all that debt.
Matthew Young
Next bubble is "education"
Napoleon Hill
I paid $500.00 for a Chemistry textbook that I never read. And it ended up in the TRASH!

I spent $5.00 for a book called Think and Grow Rich, and it turned my yearly income into my monthly income in a relatively short time.

Remember this.... Sheep dont think for themselves.
I worked with kids in recent years and the teachers are teaching stuff that I can teach with out a college degree how to count to 10 there name stuff like that opens up my eyes and make me wonder if is really necessary a college degree for some field that anyone can learn in less then 1 year that’s when I open up my eyes .
"You go to Yale or you go to jail" :D
"You dropped $150 grand on a f'k education, you could have gotten for $1.50 in late charges at the public library."
Sine Testdrive
Flying cars will lead to anxiety that something is going to fall on your head. For the rest of your life. Cars won't be found on the road, but everywhere. Accidents wouldn't be limited to roads, but could occur anywhere, anytime. It's basically undoable.
Sweatiest billionaire ever
owen wu
what he is saying is so true. It is as corrupt as churches 500 years ago
Martino Strapucci
Peter Thiel is next level genius. Like Zuckerberg or Carnegie.
Master Mayne
But Christianity rules no matter what, legitimate fact.
Shanika Weerasundara
I agree, take the flying car out, but what he says on education is absolutely true. Today, many bright people has stopped thinking or solving real life problems; they are just busy cramming what's on the books a substitute for deep thinking and problem solving.
OMALWALEEDعزه عبدالله خزيم عبد الرحمن الغا مد ي A
الحمد الله رب العالمين
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DealBook Conference 2015 - Venture Peter Thiel: U.S. College 4 months ago   31:37

Competition for fabled “unicorns” has become the obsession among most venture capitalists. But does chasing one-in-a-million bets make sense? Or does it distort the incentives for entrepreneurs and funders?

A conversation about what makes for sustainable funding, and the risks and rewards of chasing the big prize.

Chris Sacca, founder and chairman, Lowercase Capital

Peter Thiel, partner, Founders Fund