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Little Mix Are Always On The Same Page | Little Mix Slaying All Their Comeback - At Up-Tube.com

Little Mix Are Always on the Same Page Little Mix Slaying all their COMEBACK 2 days ago   10:43


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I feel like they're meant to be one person but got separated in four different bodies and together they make each other complete
What is the interview at 3:58
Spit me out like hot wasabi
Leigh Anne is the most in tune with the girls right?
They couldn’t freak me out even if they broke into my house I love them to much
Fisting Mickey
that's what happens when you're really close with someone
LM 4261014
Lerrie is real
LM 4261014
It's mostly Leigh-Anne and Jade mirroring each others movements
Portia Ulatan
I love their bond 😍
Mavi King
1:01 Jerry ❤️
Ivanna 007
Ok i freaked out when Leigh and Perrie were laughing in sync
5:07 that Lesy interview freaks me tf out
Ana Mahilaj
the dancing doesn't really count cuz they learn those, they all need to know that
I found Jerrie the mostttt in sync, it's scarryyy
Drixie's Way
0:59 I swear.....
I love Jesy's face on 1:01
Leah Montgomery
When you need to prove the existence of mind links
Chidinma Oguamanam
This is beautifully creepy😍
kookie laTae
I want a friendship like this.....
Anonymous Person
Sema Toprakyaran
WAIT.... They lived toghether?! Can someone enlighten me please😫
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Little Mix Slaying all their COMEBACK Little Mix Are Always on the Same Page 2 days ago   03:10

Sorry guys, i had to reduce the videos' lenght cause youtube wasn't letting me upload the songs' full chorus.

Which one was your favorite?

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