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Palestinian leaders are deadlocked with Israel, face internal challenges and have clashed with the U.S. DW’s Conflict Zone met Chief Palestinian Negotiator Saeb Erekat and asked him about his next steps.

Conflict Zone is Deutsche Welle's top political interview. Every week, our hosts Tim Sebastian and Michel Friedman are face-to-face with global decision-makers, seeking straight answers to straight questions, putting the spotlight on controversial issues and calling the powerful to account.


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"I have done everything humanly possible to make peace".

I didn't know that it is humanly impossible to accept PM Olmert's offer in 2007 to create a Palestinian state in the 67 borders with some land swaps + east Jerusalem
Neil Aspinall
Why anyone would agree to be interviewed (more like ambushed) by this guy is beyond me?
Gloria Compton
good job;~>
Spoiled Kid
Remove the evil named Islam from middle East.. you will get peace
Cathal Ó Braonáin
Abbas to Trump: "Damn your money and may your house be destroyed." 😁
Fascinating. The PA is a terrorist supporting organization. Tim asks some tough questions. Essentially, the PA cannot get over the fact that there will never be a palestinian state at the 67 borders. Ever. And they’re like a stubborn child refusing to compromise. Israel has offered to only annex the large settlement blocs which practically need to stay under Israeli control. Until the PA refuses to give money to terrorists and their families in some desperate push to force Israelis back to 67 borders, they will stay taking losses
Shehroz irani
Israel bombing Gaza during the election can you explain me why ??? Because neetanyahu dictator winning the election .
otar beridze
pearlhub hub
As long as there is aipac, the negotiation is bound to fail. Period. It's like having your neighbour taking your living room, and asking the village headman as arbitration whose on a payroll from you. It is bound to fail and Palestinians still hope they can get it done through negotiations, as this is dragged on, Israel win. They will take Inch inch of the land until Palestine is unheard of. Tim Sebastian needs to see that clearly. The odds and cards on the table is already as little as it is, stacked against Palestinian.

The question he should ask was, why is it hard to get a peace deal etc, what is the demand of Israel that's really hard.
Yannis Marantos
What is Ashkenazy DNA ? They are the real children of ?
Yannis Marantos
Gosh! Tim Sebastian is tough. He does his homework. It sure is going to be nerve wracking being interviewed by him.
Mark Fischer
This is the "moderate" faction.
Erekat is a Dinosaur like his president. They pretend everything is ok and lead a democratic state. They don’t have a plan for people of Palestine. Best plan is to have one country for two nations. Shame on them all!
There you go....Hamas has taken over Gaza with guns!!! Hamas are even considered terrorists in the eyes of!
Aziz Ali
mr saeb erekat just keep stepping back and do not negotiate with the israelis leave them to make peace with themselves.
Imran Ahmed
At the moment might is right ...
Israel has the might and it is right......
But it will suffer
Frank Pontone
People fail to understand that if the P.L.O. were to "Liberate Palestine" then the P.L.O. would cease to exist and all of those P.L.O. people would be out of jobs so the P.L.O. keeps fooling people into thinking they're trying to make "real peace" when in fact their job is to "prohibit peace" in order to keep their Organization up and running.
Rajiv Shori
Tim Sebestain is one of the best better than all the rest
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