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Asher Angel - Bts Sacramento Kidtopia | - At Up-Tube.com

Asher Angel - BTS Sacramento Kidtopia 4 months ago   05:18

Asher Angel

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Dexter Geavia
am enjoy watching here
Melva- edits
They cut out the kiss 😂
mousey touch
jessica castro
sacramento something ... bruhh😂🤚🏽
Beatriz Heloize
Wöłfïé_Płàÿż :p
Andie Mack omg

Andie and Jonah

Stella Espino
I love you Asher angle you and Annie are so cute together💙💙
Hannah Kelley
you all done amazing well done
Adelaida Aramburu
Yo pensaba que tenía que ver algo con BTS
Emily Danielle Moscol Salas
BTS !!!!
De Az
I went to kidtopia Sacramento 2018 it was awesome!!!
Harry Potter
I saw Annie
I klicked on the video
I realized that it was Asher's channel
I freaked out
That's what happened a few seconds ago
frisophi 12
Aaaaaa la canción de andi mack
ii.insecure yktv
Damnit I thought it was about BTS 😞✊️🏼. Army where you at
limdan gaming
You are the best person ever
Libby Lewis
Asher and BT’s omg perfect Mach
Yamile Gramajo
Yo wtf he came to Sacramento I live there
Jenzie Shiper
Athena De quiroz
Y’all were great miss y’all also you and Annie are couple goals
la estrella del futuro
Army , you army boy?
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Asher Angel - BTS Sacramento Kidtopia 4 months ago   10:48