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Eating The Entire Taco Bell | Funniest Lance210 Videos Compilation - At Up-Tube.com

Eating the ENTIRE Taco Bell FUNNIEST Lance210 Videos Compilation 3 months ago   14:10

FaZe Rug
Today the Nelk boys came down and we attempted to eat the entire Taco Bell menu in one sitting.. Craziest eating challenge EVER!
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If you read this far down the description I love you

Comments 7154 Comments

FaZe Rug
Like the video if you got hungry watching this
Ryan McElmurry
Why is nelk hanging out with this bitch queer?
Zain R
Start squeezing this rugrat 4:22 💀
Charlie Casias
9-0 will be missed
Dark Galaxy 3045
Faze rug after the challenge
Rug:thanks bro for doing the challenge with me I need subs
Steve:bro I’m at the hospital
Steve:for carrying your damn career
Ruben G
Was that fast or no? 🤣
Full Send
Boy if you do get your 😂😂
MoNeyMitch w
Faze rug is a G for fucking with Steve
Julius Membrila
Where’s Jessie??
Remy Meillier
Stefan Walbaum
steve is a professional drinker not a eater
Hasib Alislam
The only reason ya lost was cause steves lungs were low on smoke
Jackson Lahay
Is 905 back?
J5stacksDC5rsx _
Rug you should do a challenge on how much muscle mass you can put on in one year, I swear bro if you hit the gym you could gain like 15-20 lbs
Pat Daddy
Jesus. Steves back has to hurt the way he is now carrying all these youtubers careers
El Coneho Gonzalez
Idk if you have yet but you should go check out Notorious B.O.B he makes you eat ASS!
T Sal
Im sooo hungry now
Crisp Cracker
Shouldn’t have uploaded this failure of a video, couldn’t even carry your weight
Matthew Castles
Bro u can tell rug doesn’t work out when he tries to talk game with Steve
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FUNNIEST Lance210 Videos Compilation Eating the ENTIRE Taco Bell 3 months ago   22:24

Lance Stewart Funny Vines & Instagram Videos February 2017. Lance Stewart Pranks

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