Inside Samsung's new Silicon Valley Elon's SpaceX Tour - Offices 5 months ago   02:14

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The tech giant beefs up its Silicon Valley presence with a 1.1-million-square-foot office in San Jose, California, that will house research and development and sales operations for its US semiconductor business. In addition to labs and work spaces, the building has several gardens, a mini-golf course and nap rooms.

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Thank you for the Galaxy Note 8&9, Samsung. 👍
Lio FC
Love Samsung.
Sodium Alignate
So they can creat this but not renovating smartphone 🤔.
Kris B
Eh, I'm over nice office buildings. There's a trade-off to all those "perks". They expect you to stay at the office and work. It's cheaper for them to build a gym and supply food then it is for their employees to leave work to do those things. They get more production out of an employee if they stay at the office to workout or eat lunch/dinner.

Also, office buildings are full of the most vapid, narcissists.
Beryl Walubengo
Just 1.1 million square feet. Hahaha amazing.
small SHAQ
Samsung booooooooo Apples’s headquarters are soooo much more high tech than vommitsung.
Hazrat Bilal
I want works on Samsung company please help I also a mobile repair master
Sunny Wakefield
ecrad lisa
the buiding is huge and impressive and it is made of glass
glass walls - hope sound acoustic is certainly well managed
Claiborne Taylor
I wish the warranty department would call me back. I have been calling them for two months daily. Samsung has the worst warranty service of any I have ever experienced. Ticket #4148249558 call me!
Samsung’s headquarter is in Seoul,KOR
Roger B
Made of almost all glass. Wouldn't want to be in it when the fault running through that place starts heaving.
I hope i can build a bigger head quarters than Samsung when i strart my startup
luigi marroquin
Apple is being sued! thats why it sucks.
J.R. Productions
Samsung shits on Apple consistently. Man, I can hear the fresh tears of the Apple fans already. LMAO
Will Glass
I wonder how much it cost
Manish Kumar
I hope I will work there in future
All glass = big smash
Fahrizal *ALsalim
samsung trolls like satan
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Elon's SpaceX Tour - Offices Inside Samsung's new Silicon Valley 5 months ago   03:13

SpaceX CEO and CTO Elon Musk takes us on a tour of the SpaceX Headquarters located in Hawthorne, CA , just outside of Los Angeles. Once a manufacturing site for the 747 aircraft, this 500,000 square foot facility is where SpaceX now designs and builds 80% of the Falcon line.

More information on SpaceX: