Three-Year-Old's Special Friendship with The Freakiest Pets You've Ever 6 months ago   01:26

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Hulk the Pitbull weighs an astonishing 175 pounds and at 18 months old, he’s not even fully grown yet. He gobbles down twenty pounds of raw beef and fifty pounds of dry food a week! While many people think he looks like a menacing dog his owner ...

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The Freakiest Pets You've Ever Three-Year-Old's Special Friendship with 6 months ago   02:22

Truly exotic household pets are a growing phenomenon in America. Jackie Wren lets Chico the capybara snuggle up in bed with her, eat popcorn as they watch TV and even jump in the pool with her grandkids. Dave Durham treats his rhino iguana named Bruce like any other pet that needs tender loving care. While the pet may seem odd and different from typical household animals like dogs, cats, fish or birds, Wren said she could not live without her mates.