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The Decline Of Hostess...what Happened? | The Decline Of Toys R Us...what Happened? - At Up-Tube.com

The Decline of Hostess...What Happened? The Decline of Toys R Us...What Happened? 1 day ago   11:09

Company Man
Remember a few years ago when Hostess abruptly shut down and everyone was going crazy over all the Twinkies disappearing?
Here's what was happening.

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Company Man
Happy Hostess Holidays!!
Dark Rainbow
Hostess is junk food. There is no room in the human diet for that crap.
Brandon Vann
the union wouldnt allow wonder bread and twinkies to be delivered on the same truck
Brandon Vann
the union killed the twinkie
In this era of global capitalism the days where a worker could have a wage to support a family living a middle class lifestyle solely by himself are long gone. It is hard to remain profitable when your competition in places like Mexico and Vietnam can pay their workers $5 an hour.
Very informative:) Thanks for the video and Merry Christmas 2019.
Jeffrey Small
sure management didt cut there pay
i want my g o d d a m n t w i n k i e s
SoCal Indi
I have an original Twinkie in the freezer lol Didn't realize this was back in 2012 so that Twinkie is 7 years old haha
Have been eating Hostess products for over 50 years. Their cherry fruit pies were great, just like the Ding Dongs, cupcakes, Suzy-Q's. Fried pies don't taste the same when they are thawed after being frozen. The only Hostess products that are as good as the old Hostess products are the Suzy-Q's and the little crumb Donettes. Everything else has changed, and not for the better. Ding Dongs no longer wrapped in aluminum foil. Cupcakes not as chocolatey. So I buy only a few Hostess products, and now Tastykake and Entenmann's. Used to be a Hostess factory store not far from me. Used to get in the weekly shipment of fresh products every Thursday. Always enjoyed buying a bunch of cakes and pies at that factory store.
laurel jade
hostess snacks are really popular with the old farts and tastes like sponges.
Brock White
I tasted a cupcake awhile back and it had a strange taste.
Pete Puebla
Thank you Bakers Union. I don't know what's better wages or out of a job.
Mark Gibson
I must of missed the low calorie m&m's and fat free little debbies....dumbass
Mark Gibson
Dumb take on blaming nutritional value
Donnie Webster
Isn’t Wonder Bread 🍞 now part of a different company?
Big Wheel
Do a show on what happened to
Dolly Madison. I like their baked good better then Hostess.
Big Wheel
They fucked over the unions cashed out the company then reopened it with out the unions.
In Cognito
another American company trashed out by unrealistic union demands
Jake Hernandez
Had no clue they went out of business
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The Decline of Toys R Us...What Happened? The Decline of Hostess...What Happened? 1 day ago   12:58

This week Toys R Us has filed for bankruptcy. It was shocking news and left everyone wondering what happened. This video takes a look at Toys R Us and explores the causes of the bankruptcy as well as makes predictions about the future of the company.

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