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Nfl Rare & Unusual Plays | Part | Nfl Worst Fails (2018) - At Up-Tube.com

NFL Rare & Unusual Plays | Part NFL Worst Fails (2018) 1 day ago   06:22

Savage Brick Sports
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Comments 148 Comments

the sports casting at 2:00 made me throw up. Just announcing numbers LOLOLOLOL
Unusal plays.
Trenton Lusk
Why is the double doink no good? It looked like it bounced in-between the uprights. Is that a rule?
The 3 turnover play is truly special because it three DIFFERENT turnovers, an interception, a fumble, and a strip, how wild
Jonathan Kumar
Is it possible that #80 on the saints forced two fumbles in one play? The QB both threw a pick and ran for a TD on that play as well!
Robert Aegidius
1:57 greatest play in NFL history
EJ Roach
4:45 how was that only 1 point?
Steve Vernon
Did I not see in the thumbnail, the words "ONE POINT SAFETY"?

Where was the ONE POINT SAFETY????
I've seen the ncaa 1 pt safety clips... but never one in the NFL?
Sean Abrams
i dont know why im so mad the refs called that a touchback
Rohan Sheth
They said there was the rare play was three turnovers and a touchdown in one play, but it happened again towards the end
I have watched all your "rare and unusual" as well as a few of the odd type videos. Not one had Matt Staffords fake spike / TD against the Cowboys on Monday Night a couple(ish) years ago. WTF???
This was actually a lot of clips I've never seen
4:01 was the most unusual play I have ever seen. It actually caused a Dolphin victory which is extremely rare in football.
Andrew Brecher
What I still can't find anywhere -- there was a play in 2001 (NE @ BUF) where a fumble was ruled out of bounds because the ball was touching an _unconscious_ player who fell onto the ball after he was knocked out. Would be great for a video like this. Strangest thing I've ever seen.
Grant Rosenbaum
4:37 “that girl’s gonna take off with it”
I was at the Saints/Rams game in ‘87. It was a strike game.
I don’t understand the fad of the quick kick. Let’s line up for a common field goal, no wait, let’s punt.
Love the fake commentary and crowd noise @2:18. I believe it’s from the nfl vhs game in the 80’s
David Kirk
A kickoff that goes into the field goal post
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NFL Worst Fails (2018) NFL Rare & Unusual Plays | Part 1 day ago   16:01

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