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Twenty-four hours after the new trailer for J.J. Abrams’ Star Wars: The Force Awakens debuted online and damn near broke Twitter, the 2015 Tribeca Film Festival gave New York City’s biggest fans of the franchise the best possible post-trailer gift: the mastermind himself, George Lucas, in person inside the Borough of Manhattan Community College (BMCC). Making the sweetness even sweeter, Lucas was interviewed on stage as part of this year’s Tribeca Talks® series by Stephen Colbert.

And over the course of one laid-back, informative, and often-hilarious hour, Lucas explained his next steps in film making when an audience member asked if he’s interested in going back to smaller, weird experimental movies like his 1971 debut, THX 1138, now that he’s sold the Star Wars franchise away to Disney. “That is exactly what I’m doing,” he quickly responded, triggering a round of applause from the crowd.

In Lucas’ opinion, there are two types of experimental filmmakers. The first are those whose humble bank accounts require them to scrape every dollar they can together and lay it all on the line in the name of their left-of-center art. Lucas, obviously, doesn’t fall in that category. “The other way to do it is become very rich, take the money I would otherwise use to build a yacht, put it in a vault,” and use those mountains of cash to fund his own experimental cinema. Lucas adds how you can experiment with art except films because movies are so expensive. However now with the rise of digital technology the costs have gone down and the Internet now gives experimental showcase a space to showcase their work.

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If you want to make experimental films, try a youtube channel. You don't really need to get uber rich to do it... just some equipment, ideas and a halfway decent connection.
Go for it !
Thanks George!
Thanks for all the magic.
Star Wars Episodes 1-6 amazing!
Willow, Indiana Jones and the rest... you are the best!
You know when he was talking about friends with yachts he was referring to Steven.
Drew Whitney
I hear Lucas is making his experimental films, just that he's sharing them privately. I happen to be an avid fan of his USC work, especially "Herbie". What I would do to see his new experimental stuff!
Barney Os.
Has he made any yet? I'd like to see them
How long has George been talking about his "experimental" films? Just start a new production company dedicated to funding and releasing art house stuff.
How long has George been talking about his "experimental" films? Come on dude. Start a new production company dedicated EXCLUSIVELY to experimental art films.
Drew Whitney
Anyone know where I can see his new movies? I heard a rumor that he has already been making them privately and sharing them with close family and friends. Do I need to write a letter begging for a private link?
Malik Arran
Get ready for THX 1138 2 and American Grafitti 2020!
Patrick Miller
I hope he does at some point. God, he's got 5 billion dollars to his name. I don't think he has to do anything else to be ready to make films. I doubt he'll do it. I think his window of true creativity closed in 1973.
awesome :)
We love you George! I wanna see your experimental films!
I'D love to see him make some more experimental work. Or any kind of work, really. George got so caught up with Star Wars and running Lucasfilm, that we were denied huge huge amount of great, innovate films he could have made.
Dara Rohan
Maybe he's still just trolling.
Thing is, he's not talking about actual directing is he? He's referring to films like Red Tails, where he executive produced and outlined it, handing it off to another director.
No connection
Can somebody tell George lucas just to retire from movie making already. He's edited and re-released and repeated that star wars franchise for 35 years. Sold and re-sold a franchise I can no longer bear to watch.
So after he sold lucasarts to disney, he is no longer involved in star wars movie makings?
Very true...Hollywood movies are very expensive so they have to work...That explains why they're usually so formulaic without much experimentation....No production company is gonna take the risk.
Henry Jones Jr.
Call me crazy, but I imagine that Lucas never intended the original Star Wars to be as successful as it was. The movie was, of its time, meant to be a throwback to the serial adventure films of his youth, yet it was so groundbreaking that it essentially took over his life. It completely disrupted his aspirations as a filmmaker, and for that I actually feel sorry for him.

It was also for this reason that he felt compelled to produce the Special Editions, given he was probably embarrassed by the special effects. I don't agree with all the changes, but I do genuinely think there's an air of regret about it his demeanour.
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